Sunday, April 25, 2010

PrizeRebel Guide.

Do you have time to spare? Can't find a job at the moment? Are you willing to read and learn? Do you want to earn prizes like PlayStation 3, PSP, XBox 360, Amazon Gift Cards, Zynga Game Cards, Ijji G Coins, PC Games, and Console Games for free?

You can even custom order anything from Amazon and Ebay if you like, and you can do this just from doing surveys and completing offers!

PrizeRebel is considered to be one of the best and easiest reward sites out there. Offers are credited almost instantly and at a very high rate, compared with other sites.

IMPORTANT: Only one person per household can create an account at PrizeRebel. If they check your ip and see you have two or more, your accounts will be banned.

Getting started guide, step by step:

1. Register at PrizeRebel using a real email address - one that you usually use. This will not get spammed. It's important for you to use a good email, because this is where you will recieve game codes, prepaid phone codes, amazon gift codes.....(if those are the prizes you choose).

2. Register a throwaway email address (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, whatever; two or three is even better). You will need this (these) to complete the offers. They WILL get spammed. Alot. DO NOT use the email you used in step 1 for the surveys, unless you want tons of spam sent to your real email. lol

3. Download the Roboform toolbar. This will make filling out forms much, much easier and faster.

4. Generate a fake identity using FakeNameGenerator and add them to your Roboform identity list. It is not completely necessary, but is helpful to add a random, legitimate business address instead of the one provided from FakeNameGenerator. This is because some offers (not all) will make a USPS validity check on the address. If you just search Google for *a town* businesses, many valid addresses will come up.
You definitely do NOT want to use your own information for this.


1. Use Internet Explorer for completing offers (instead of Firefox, unless you really insist, in which case you must uninstall or disable NoScript or Adblock Plus if you have it) because there is a much higher offer-acceptance rate.

2. Clear your cookies before and after each offer you complete. Use the simple Tools>Delete Private Data>Delete Cookies method in IE. This increases the chances that you will be credited quickly, because the site will then notice that you have completed one offer and moved to the next. You can also use CCleaner instead, it's easier and faster.

3. Find offers that require you to sign up (which involves clicking the Roboform filler once or twice), to fill out the first two pages, or to fill out the offer until you reach a vertical list of offers. These offers usually take a minute or less to complete and are worth anywhere from $.20 to $1 (which translates to $12-60 an hour!). This is the quickest way to gain points.

4. Every once in a while, use a random email address instead of one of your throwaway emails. Write anything at all:,,, etc. If you want, you can use Roboform's "Generate Password" feature and place that before

5. When faced with a daunting list of radio buttons, hit "ALT" + "=" key. This will automatically fill in the last button for each set (which happens to be "No").

6. Hold the spacebar to quickly scroll to the bottom of a page. This is especially helpful when you need to "Pass" or "Skip" on many offers where the button is in the same spot.

7. If you're too lazy to make tons of email. You can use the Gmail period trick to make tons of emails just from registering one email. Let’s say that your email address is ‘’, basically everything sent to any of the following email addresses will be forwarded to your primary email.



And that’s not all, you can place as many dots as you want, it can even be something like ‘’ and you’ll still get it on ‘’

Additionally, I just also found out that you can embed random text to your email ID using ‘+’ sign. That is to say ‘’ can be used as your email address, as well.

Go ahead and stop on over at PrizeRebel and get started! If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or email me.